“Finally completed the homework”: YouTube interrupted a popular stream with a girl and music for study – it lasted a year and a half

548 days, 13 thousand hours, 218 million views – and one ban from YouTube. The channel was restored, but in social networks they managed to get scared.

For several years now, the “lofi hip hop radio” format has been extremely popular on YouTube – music streams where hip-hop lo-fi plays. Most often, this is relaxing music, which is comfortable to work or study. Therefore, it illustrates the broadcast mainly by Study Girl – a painted girl who is persistently engaged in homework, but still can not finish it.

The most popular channel for such streams is the anonymous author, nicknamed ChilledCow. It was he who laid the basic framework of the genre: for example, he was the first to use an anime girl for design. ChilledCow has the most popular lofi streams on the Internet that do not “fall” for a long time and gather millions of viewers.

On February 22, ChilledCow announced on Twitter that YouTube moderators had blocked his channel for some unknown reason, thereby interrupting the stream that had been going on since August 2018.

For several hours, the news of the closure of the most popular lofi-stream went on social networks. Users answered this with jokes about the fact that the girl “finally completed her homework” – a reference to the local meme that the heroine of the stream has been preparing for the exam for several years, but still does not feel 100% ready.

They also recalled how this broadcast helped them focus while studying at university or preparing for an exam.

A moment of silence, please. We just lost our 24/7 lofi hip hop stream for relaxation and study

She jumped out of the window because the study was too complicated

This will affect the education system.

We need a new YouTube

I study at a medical school, and this channel greatly helped me deal with anxiety when I was learning something late or writing work. YouTube how so ?? We need a new platform to fight it

A few hours later, the YouTube team apologized to ChilledCow and restored the channel. According to the moderators, the blockage occurred due to an error on the platform side. The channel was restored, but the broadcast had to be started anew.

There was an interrupted recording on YouTube for some time, which gave users the opportunity to evaluate its duration. 13,165 hours is 548 days of broadcast without interruption. During this time, the stream gained more than 200 million views.


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