Folding Galaxy Fold 2 again credited with a front camera under the screen

The Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone will be released most likely in July and will be equipped with a front camera hidden under the screen. Some sources spoke about this in January. The day before, similar information came from another, “more trusted” source. He confirms the release date and also talks about a selfie camera hidden under the display.

In addition, reports the Korean edition of Ajunews.

The Galaxy Fold 2 smartphone (also called Galaxy Z Fold 2, although the Z letter is still used for the Flip clamshell) will receive a 7.7-inch screen with a camera without an “eye” – it will not be noticeable, as on other modern devices.

Samsung may be the first company to release a smartphone with a “screen” camera. However, it can get ahead of Oppo, which showed a prototype of such a mobile phone.

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