Following the pigeons in cowboy hats in Nevada, pigeons appeared in small sombreros. No one knows who does this .

It is difficult to imagine what kind of headgear an attacker will choose next time.

In the American city of Reno, Nevada, a dove was seen with a small sombrero on its head. He was noticed in the parking lot by city city manager Sabrina Newby, who shared photos of the bird on social networks.

In December, in the same state, but in Las Vegas, they saw pigeons in small cowboy hats. It is still unknown who puts on hats on birds. Local conservation services emphasized that although the situation looks funny, it does much harm to pigeons. Hats cover their view, and the glue used to fasten the hat causes health problems.

In Las Vegas, someone puts on pigeons …There are many questions, few answers.

“Although it looks bizarre, but still inhuman. Birds are suffering, and so it was last year in Las Vegas. One of them has recently died, ” Newby said . Renault City Manager had in mind the news of the death of one of the pigeons who wore a cowboy hat (it was removed by animal welfare). The AP agency notes that death may not be related to the hat – the bird had other health problems.

Reno animal advocates asked residents to help find a pigeon in a sombrero so that they could take off his hat. “We take care of our animals. They should be protected, and certainly not become a joke, ”added Newby.

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