For Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, a patch with two graphics modes released – it does not eliminate frame tearing at 60 FPS

But it seems to be changing the situation for the better. And at 30 FPS there is no tearing.
As Ubisoft promised earlier, on November 26, patch 1.0.4 for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla began rolling out across all platforms. It was supposed to solve the problems with the picture on PS5, Xbox Series and PC, and on the next generation consoles it will add a second graphics mode.
We’ve already tested the Xbox Series X update and it left a mixed impression. The frame tears on non-VRR TVs that have plagued many gamers have not gone away, and at 60 FPS they can be reproduced with no problem by quickly moving the camera off the ground and into some difficult landscape. However, tearing seems to have really started to appear less often.

Frame tearing after patch on Xbox Series X
At the same time, the 30 FPS mode returns the game to a “cinematic” look and raises the resolution to native 4K or close to it, since at 60 FPS the PS5 and Series X range from 1440p to 1728p. In this version, the game feels like a console Odyssey, but frame breaks disappear and details become clearer.

Players who are not teased or who have VRR should still play in 60 FPS mode. In the description of the 30 FPS option, there are some graphics improvements, but in practice it is very difficult to find them – the main difference remains in the resolution (it can be seen along the edges of objects like a red ribbon in the frame).

We warn you in advance: you will not see the difference without a strong increase. And you will have to try with him.

Graphics Priority

Prioritizing performance

Graphics Priority

Prioritizing performance
Apparently, in the near future Digital Foundry will release a new video based on Valhalla. Including because the Series S now also has a 60 FPS mode.
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