For the first time in history, only women entered outer space

The mission was postponed due to the lack of a suit of the right size.

Kristina Koch and Jessica Meir NASA Pictures

American astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir went into outer space from the International Space Station. This is the first such mission, which involved only women. The live broadcast is conducted by NASA.

According to the mission plan, astronauts must replace a failed external power unit in the US segment of the station. Work can last up to 6.5 hours. For Koch, this is the third spacewalk; for Meir, the first.

During spacewalk, US President Donald Trump phoned the astronauts. He congratulated them on a historic event, praised them for their courage, and recalled the planned missions to the moon and Mars.

The first female spacewalk was planned to be held in March 2019. Anne McLane and Christina Koch were supposed to be participants, but only one medium-sized spacesuit was at the station, so the mission was canceled .

Later it turned out that the station had a spare spacesuit, but he was not ready to go into space. It would take more than 12 hours to configure it, so NASA replaced the astronaut. In the summer, an extra medium-sized spacesuit was delivered to the ISS – and an exclusively female mission again became possible.

On October 15, NASA unveiled the new xEMU spacesuit with which no such problems would arise. Any astronauts will be able to wear it for the first time – the spacesuit can be adjusted in size.

The first woman to enter outer space was Svetlana Savitskaya in 1984. Since then, 227 people have been in outer space, but only 14 of them were women.

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