Former Legend Destroyer Adam Savage built a steampunk wagon and harnessed the Boston Dynamics to it

Years of development, training in somersaults and opening doors – then to carry “leather bastards.”

Adam Savage, the former host of The Legend Destroyers, has moved to YouTube for several years now by launching the Tested project. In early 2020, he received the Spot Robot Dog from Boston Dynamics for testing. And found her application – harnessed to a cart of his own design.

According to Savage, he spent five days building a single-seat rickshaw, which was nicknamed “steampunk” because of the Victorian style. The idea was for Spot to pull it while carrying Savage.

The inventor consulted with the Boston Dynamics team: they explained to him that the robotic tank was equipped with cargo fasteners on the back, so connecting the device to the wagon was not difficult. Most of the Savage video is about the engineering side, but from 22 minutes you can evaluate a test rickshaw ride with a robot.

In fact, the trip was not very practical. Spot moves quite slowly, does not always cope with the ups, and the mechanics of its movements leads to a jerky ride. But Savage and Boston Dynamics engineers managed to fix this problem. According to the ex-host of “Legend Destroyers”, in the future even more videos with a robotic dog will appear on the channel.

Boston Dynamics has been developing robots for several years, demonstrating their abilities in video, but Spot went on sale only by the end of 2019. In Russia, devices are more popular as part of a meme about “leather bastards.”

Meme: Leather Bastards – The Internet and Memes at TJHow videos with the Russian voice acting of Boston Dynamics robots became an ideal illustration of complex …

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