Four-legged Spot robot from Boston Dynamics found work at an oil rig in Norway

He will look for places of gas leaks.

The four-legged Spot robot, developed by Boston Dynamics in September 2019, will run on the Aker BP oil rig. The company is going to test it and other robots in 2020 and find out whether it is possible to improve the safety and efficiency of work on their towers with them, writes New Atlas.

Spot is equipped with a camera system and obstacle detection. They will allow him to look for places of gas leaks and provide telepresence of operators who are on the shore.

Our goal is to automate all operations from start to finish to increase productivity, quality and safety for our employees.

Karl Johnny Herswick

head of Aker BP

The company has already tested the robot in conditions that mimic the work on towers, and concluded that Spot is able to get to places that people cannot reach. This means that it can increase the level of work safety, according to Aker BP.

Spot can overcome difficult routes, including through rocky terrain, stairs, thickets and hazardous industrial areas. It is also capable of carrying a weight of 14 kg. Built-in cameras provide 360-degree visibility. The range of operating temperatures varies from -20 degrees Celsius to 45.

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