Foxconn: there will be no iPhone shortage due to coronavirus

The other day there was information that the coronavirus epidemic in China could affect iPhone shipments: the Foxconn factory, which collects Apple smartphones, is located just in Wuhan, the focus of the disease. But the company in a fresh press release assured that the virus will not affect the production of the iPhone. It is reported by Reuters.

Foxconn was assured that the factory went on New Year’s holidays, and the authorities extended it until February 2, so there are no workers in the shops. Apple seems to be concerned about the situation: it has a rather vague forecast for the next quarter due to the ambiguity with the virus: will it affect the production of equipment or not. Tim Cook also noted that the Wuhan factory is not the only partner with whom the company works.

Another major Apple partner, Taiwanese TSMC, said its factories in China were not affected by the virus. TSMC employees who visited Hubei will be at home for 14 days for security reasons.

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