Fun and creative, but not everyone will like the gameplay: Bugsnax Journalist Experience

Seemingly childish play that pays attention to dark topics like cannibalism.

Bugsnax, a new game from the creators of Octodad, will be released on November 12 for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. The PS5 version will be free for PS + subscribers.

The game has already released its first reviews – at the time of this writing, the average score on Metacritic is 79 points.

Journalists note that from the trailers it is possible not to understand what kind of game it is and what its essence is. As it turned out, this is a story-driven puzzle, where the protagonist carries out instructions from the inhabitants of the island to capture bugsnacks – bizarre creatures that are eaten. The player needs to catch bugsnacks with the help of various traps and ingenious constructions, and then give them to be eaten by the characters so that they change their bodies.

The gameplay in Bugsnax, according to reviewers, is not as important compared to the story and characters. And it is these aspects that make Bugsnax stand out from other projects.


A lot of time has passed since I played the game where the characters pull the rest. But that’s Bugsnax. The characters here are great. And the very concept of the island is beautiful.

Cj Andreessen

The main storyline takes about 6 hours, but reviewers strongly advise not to skip the quests that the characters give out. Largely thanks to them, the story of Bugsnax is truly revealed: you have time to become attached to the heroes.


The story is what really impressed me about Bugsnax. Surprisingly, it has story depth, humor and fun. Once you uncover the storylines of the inhabitants of the island and their backstory, then put the whole story together in your head and you can feel like a part of something bigger.

Once the game reaches its climax, you don’t want it to end. Everything you went through, all the characters you met, and all the fun that you got in the course of the game makes you want to stay in this world even longer. I hope this is the first game in the series, because I loved everything about it.

Chris White
God is a geek

Moreover, Bugsnax is not as simple as it seems at first glance. It looks like a childish one, but it touches on some rather dark topics and raises important social issues. Almost all reviewers praised the game for this – but they did not go into spoilers.


Bugsnax is definitely an incredibly cute game, and it looks like a cartoon that would be played on the kids’ channel on Sunday morning. But there are some dark themes in it that you don’t want to explain to your child. For example, addiction and cannibalism.

Nick Bunce
The sixthaxis

Unfortunately, the gameplay loses to stories in terms of elaboration. According to journalists, Bugsnax is too simple and even primitive compared to other puzzles.


Bugsnax is never as challenging and fun as Myst. Your main goal throughout the game is to make the inhabitants of the abandoned town return home. They will go with the main character only if he does several quests for them. This almost always means feeding them bugsnacks. There are many ways to capture these critters, but you should rely on the same solutions for different problems.

Mike Minotti

The gameplay is similar to a simplified version of Pokemon – there are about a hundred bugsnacks in the game. But Bugsnax isn’t as good as Nintendo’s games – the fun ends pretty quickly.


The gameplay is intriguing at first, but in practice it is not that interesting. Catching bugsnacks is either too easy or tediously difficult. This is especially annoying when you realize that you are doing everything correctly, but because of the physics that is not working and the control is inconvenient, nothing happens.

Metro GameCentral

Nevertheless, most authors recommend Bugsnax – especially if you play it on a PS + subscription. The gameplay, in their opinion, is controversial, but the story, characters and general atmosphere more than pay for all the shortcomings.


Bugsnax is an easy puzzle game with a strong storyline and well-designed characters. I went through it with pleasure until the very end. Although the game mechanics here are simple, the pros outweighed all the minuses, because I was surprised to realize how much I was involved in the history of this island and its inhabitants.

Simon Cardy


Bugsnax is a unique and delightful game that we recommend everyone who can reach it to play. If you are lucky enough to own a PlayStation 5, then download it on a PS + subscription while you can. And even if not, then this game is worth your money.

Nick Bunce
The sixthaxis

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