Galaxy S11 may be called Galaxy S20

It is possible that with the flagship of 2020, Samsung will abandon the long tradition of naming its smartphones digitally. Apple and Microsoft have already missed the “nine” in the name of smartphones and the operating system. Now there are rumors that the future Galaxy S11 may enter the market under the name Galaxy S20. To be symbolic.

The new name will speak not only about the year of release of the device, but also symbolize a new beginning for the Galaxy S line both in terms of technology and marketing. Although previously rumored rumors about the Galaxy S11 / S20 did not look too revolutionary: Snapdragon 865, 5G support and a macro lens.

Earlier it was reported that Samsung will immediately introduce three models of the new flagship with curved edges of the display: the basic, lightweight and Pro versions. The announcement may happen on the eve of the Mobile World Congress at sunset February.

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