Get to know Apple Music. Features and FAQ

Yesterday a new iOS 8.4 was released, and with it the long-awaited update of the company’s music services. Let’s take a look together for what Eddie Kew was dancing on stage.

After updating to the new iOS, the new “Music” will simply appear in the place of the old application; it will be possible to recognize the substitution only by the color of the icon that has become red – white. However, inside it looks completely different.

First steps

The initial setup of the application is quite simple: when you first start it will unobtrusively ask if we want to subscribe to the Apple Music service. Of course we want! You can choose any subscription – individual or family – anyway, the first three months of use will be free, and you can change the plan at any time in the settings of Apple ID.

Attention: after choosing a subscription, a pop-up will appear with confirmation of the purchase, but do not worry – money will not be debited from the account; in this way, you only consent to the automatic deduction of money after three free months.

The application will automatically determine if there is any music on the device, and will also automatically process and add it. My four dozen gigabytes were processed in just a minute, after which it was possible to begin to get acquainted with the latest products.

According to the wording of Apple itself, the new “Music” is designed to improve the life of a music lover in three aspects at once: to give us a revolutionary music service; provide us with round-the-clock global radio; and finally, more closely associated with your favorite artists. Let’s go through the list?

Music service

In order not to beat around the bush, I immediately render a verdict: I use Apple Music for only a few hours, but I’m sure for three months that I’ll be happy to pay $ 15 for a full family subscription. Apple managed to do it again !

Apple Music instantly captivates with a sense of endless possibilities: all the music of the world is just a tap or two, at the price of a lunch at McDonalds.

Well, I agree, not quite all – but the collection available from the start is large enough to satisfy almost any request. The main thing is that the new service completely erases the line between “my” and “not my” music. Now in any iPhone there is just music that you can add to your collection. Delete, and add back again. Download to your device and listen without access to the Internet.

Guys, these are the same real torrents, only legal, and with Apple’s proprietary usability!

Apple has millions of tracks. What to listen to?

There are three ways to find music to your taste. The first, most frontal – use the search, always available in the upper right corner of the screen. The application searches for artists, albums, songs, videos, Apple’s collected playlists and automatically created radio stations (analogues of the dead Genius playlists).

The search is very convenient when you know exactly what you want to listen to. But what if you want an abstract “something new”?

In this case, Apple has in store a second, more “advanced” way – to tell the application about its musical tastes, and then surrender to the mercy of algorithms that offer playlists or albums that suit your tastes. This menu item is called: “For you.”

First of all, we explain which genres with performers we like. One tap – like, two tap – a fan. Long press – do not like it at all. Everything seems to be simple, but the performers are offered some strange ones, and even repeatedly pressing the “More artists” button does not produce tangible results. In the end, I was just tired, and I decided to look at the available offers.

To be honest, the operation of the algorithms was not impressive at all. Half of the proposed albums were already in my library, and the playlists only caused a grunt. “Introduction to Red Hot Chili Peppers”, Apple, are you serious? No, the tab “For You” is definitely not for me yet. Perhaps you should like more different kinds of music in order to let the application know itself better, and then after a while it will really start offering me worthwhile tracks. But for now – it’s not a case.

I would also like to ask the developers: why should I even talk about my tastes? You have my entire music library at your disposal, with the ratings of albums and songs, with full statistics of auditions and “passes”! This information could well be taken as a basis, at least not to offer me exploratory playlists to the System of a Down listened to before the holes.

However, Apple has never had much with soulless algorithms – this is Google’s estate. In general, Cupertinians are much better at making more “human” decisions, and even in such a delicate matter as musical recommendations, they just need a taste and flair that even the best computers in the world do not have. At the presentation of the service, Apple’s top managers promised that they would attract the best experts to make recommendations – but where to look for the results of their work?

Open the New tab and scroll down. Somewhere halfway between the top charts and the “discovery” lists, three banners are hidden in it, behind which are hidden the real treasures of “expert” recommendations.

The first paragraph, Apple Music Editors, contains expert recommendations for each genre: alternative, hip-hop, electronica, rock and even church songs! Each team of experts offers a scattering of fresh albums and playlists and its round-the-clock radio station, as well as constant updates in Connect. The material here is already mountains, and after all, the service has just started.

Well, if you don’t like Apple editors, then under Curators you can find recommendations from recognized authorities from world famous music publications like Rolling Stone or Pitchfork.

Real beauty is hidden under Activities. Here, Apple experts decided to collect playlists not only by genre, but also “in the mood” for all occasions. Literally for everything: in addition to trivial collections for running, a gym, driving in a car or a party, experts took care of more complicated cases, such as experiencing unhappy love (“Breaking Up”), fees before going out (“Getting Ready to Go Out”) , and even making children (“Getting It On”)! Separately, it is worth noting the names of playlists: how do you like “Classic rock for crying”, or “But the computer will not leave you alone”? Delight, absolute delight.

Radio: Beats 1 and others

The second main feature of Apple Music was the round-the-clock world wide Beats 1 radio with three fairly well-known DJs in the world of music. This station does not adhere to a certain style, but the music plays quite pleasant – during the writing of the material, I reached for the phone at least three times to like the sounding track. But a couple of hours of listening is too little to say whether this radio will be successful and whether it is needed at all; you need to listen to him at least a week or two. Time will tell.

In addition to the Beats 1 performance, rumors circulated in the press about the death of iTunes Radio presented last year. I want to say that these rumors are a little exaggerated: all the functionality of the radio has been preserved, and in the updated “Music” you can still create your own stations based on a song, album or artist. The only oddity: the created stations are impossible to remember; they are visible only in the list of recently played and that’s all. By the way, all the old iTunes Radio stations are also visible there.

Expert-led “genre” stations have been redesigned and, according to Apple, seriously improved. Here we can only take the company’s word for it and in any case rejoice at an additional option: it’s always nice to have a radio station with something new on hand in case you are tired of your collection.


The most controversial innovation in my opinion is Apple Music. Theoretically, Connect should become a kind of “window” into the world of your favorite artists – exclusive recordings, photos, news and other delights for fans. It is completely incomprehensible why for this all one more social network is needed , the functionality of which is not too different from the basic Instagram. Learn about Flea’s broken arm in mid-summer? Doubtful pleasure.

Updated Player

Access to millions of tracks is great, but you also need to listen to these tracks with convenience. The old music player was not bad, but the lack of the elementary ability to create playlists was somewhat annoying – especially considering that even my old iPod with a primitive wheel was able to do this back in 2007.

In the new “Music” Apple finally tightened the player’s functionality, turning it into a full-fledged “iTunes for iOS”. Now literally in one or two clicks you can:

  • Create and edit playlists
  • Manage Next Playlist
  • Delete tracks from the device and upload them to it without iTunes

By all senses, the new application will completely save us from having to sync with iTunes. It is high time!

Summing up, I just want to rejoice. The updated “Music” is very good, but in combination with the Apple Music service, it becomes a bomb altogether. Apple Music provides unprecedented accessibility to all the music of the world, but most importantly, it provides all the possible tools for exploring it. It is the pleasure of finding and discovering new music, as it seems to me, that will become the main feature of the new service; its killer feature in relation to Spotify and other competitors. At least she chained me to Apple Music seriously and for a long time.

New users are given three months of free listening to all tracks. If after this time you do not want to continue using Apple Music, it is better to immediately turn off the renewal of the subscription , otherwise the money will be charged to you.

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