Ghost of Tsushima will take up 50 gigabytes of free disk space

Two times less than The Last of Us Part II.

Information about how much disk space is occupied by Ghost of Tsushima appeared on the game page in the PS Store. However, on the page The Last of Us Part II, the release of which will take place earlier, these data are not indicated .

However, thanks to the PlayStation website, it is known that the Naughty Dog game will take about 100 gigabytes. Thus, the Ghost of Tsushima “weighs” half as much.

Compared to other Sony open-world games, Days Gone takes about 38 gigabytes after file optimization, while Spider-Man and the full edition of Horizon: Zero Dawn need about 47 gigabytes.

Ghost of Tsushima will be released July 17 on PS4 – at the last State of Play, the authors showed 18 minutes of gameplay with research, battles and customization.

Guiding wind, friendly foxes and black and white mode: 18 minutes of gameplay and Ghost of Tsushima details
On May 14, Sony hosted the broadcast of State of Play with the gameplay Ghost of Tsushima. The video shows the main features of the game, including world navigation, customization and the combat system.
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