“Gif”, not “jif”: peanut maker Jif recalled GIF ‘s “only true” pronunciation

“If you ever called GIFs” jokes, “we forgive you.”

“Gif – Looped Animated Images” / “Jif – Cream Peanut Butter” Photo by Jif

The company JM Smucker, which produces peanut butter Jif, has entered into a long-standing online debate about how to pronounce the name of the GIF format – “GIF” or “Jiff”. They released a limited version of the cans, where they wrote that Gif are animated images, and Jif is peanut butter, reports The Verge.

The idea is that you can put the cans nearby – then, according to the manufacturer, it will immediately become clear that it is correct to pronounce “hyphae” and not “jif”.

JM Smucker launched an advertising campaign in conjunction with the Giphy gif database, which attached a banner to the gif page on the Jif tag: “If you ever called GIFs“ jifs, ”we forgive you.”Although GIFs are commonly referred to as “GIFs” in the Russian social media segment, there has long been debate on the Internet about the correct pronunciation of the format. The abbreviation stands for Graphics Interchange Format, but some still insist on pronouncing a short version with the sound “j”.

Facebook even conducted a survey about the correct pronunciation, and in social networks rejoiced when politicians Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama called the format “GIF”. However, in 2013, the creator of the GIF format, Steve Wilheit, said that it’s correct to pronounce “jiff” after all.


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