Girls showed how much they lie on Instagram photos

Few people have the secret that many Instagram photos have their own secret – they have little to do with reality. Everyone sees the wonderful result of a random moment caught by the camera. However, no one says that he became accidental after a dozen takes. And these attempts remain behind the scenes.

But here are some installers who have found a way to “be different from everyone else,” and post pictures confirming that they are the same as the rest. And for the shot to come out beautiful, almost flawless, you need to try hard. And not the fact that it will work out. But, as the girls themselves say, you can peep how many lies are not visible from the outside.

City pigeons are still creatures. 
Well, if only they wave their wings …

The main thing is to keep a look on your face until your eyes begin to watery due to splashing water. 
And don’t breathe

How many photos and videos are about how a heavy wave hits the most expensive

By the way, yes. 
Anyone who has to manually blow up balls (hmm? ..) knows how cheeks and lips are buzzing later. 
And what is the taste of rubber with talcum powder!

A little banter on the topic: the left photo is for Instagram, and the right one is for VKontakte

Yes, you can’t go to the pool without a hat

Classics of the genre. 
Can you imagine what willpower is needed for a look to be beautiful?

“The way I want to show myself” and “The way I really feel”

And here’s another example, this time from a girl from Amsterdam. It is called a vloger-influencer. Sounds like some kind of disease, but it’s not accurate.

Photos on the go. 
By chance. 
Without preparation. 
This is us about the picture on the right

After the successful angle ended, the unsuccessful happened. 
That is, like 99.9% of photos of ordinary people

Like two different people

Obviously, in the second photo, the girl is more comfortable looking at the smartphone screen than in the first. 
And which one is “more correct”?

It is, for a change

Posture is everything, isn’t it?

And again about the difference between staged photos and reality

Both photos are not without flaws, of course
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