Godfall Gone Gold – Coming November 12th on PC and PS5

In the Russian Federation, the console will go on sale on November 19.

Counterplay Games announced the game’s departure to print on Twitter.

Going for gold means the completion of basic development of the game, which is now ready for retail.
After that, the developers, as a rule, continue to work on fixes and patches of the first day – which is why almost all games receive large updates at the start.

Godfall is published by Gearbox Publishing. Company co-founder Randy Pichtford recalled that Godfall was the first game announced for the PS5 and suggested that it is also the first next-generation game to go to print. Pichtford also emphasized that Godfall is the first title in a new IP in the coming next generation.

I’m not on the development team, but I guess it’s a lot of work to get the game to work well on Series S, and I don’t think you’re allowed to release a game on Series X without Series S support. We need time.

When asked about the release on Xbox Series X, Pichtford suggested that this also requires the release of the game on Series S – and that the alleged optimization for the “minor version” requires much more effort.
Godfall will be released on November 12 on PC and PS5 – in Russia the console will go on sale on the 19th. The co-op action game can already be pre-ordered on the Epic Games Store for 4,036.38 Pakistani Rupee

Godfall Combat Trailer
Gearbox revealed the sword Zer0 from Borderlands, which will receive the game pre-ordered.

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