Godfall Uses 12GB VRAM at Maximum Settings and 4K Resolution

Keith Lee, head of the Counterplay Games studio, which develops the game, spoke about Godfall’s video memory requirements. In a partner video released on AMD’s YouTube channel, he said that to run a looter slasher at maximum settings and in 4K resolution, at least 12 gigabytes of video memory would be needed. This volume will be available, for example, in video cards from the AMD Radeon RX 6000 line – while in the Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 there will be only 10 gigabytes.

Keith Lee also talked about the features of the new AMD RDNA2 architecture being used in Godfall. So, the game will have ray tracing, as well as support for AMD Infinity Cache, Fidelity FX Sharpening and Variable Rate Shading (VRS, shading optimization) technologies.

Godfall has already gone gold – the game will be released on November 12 on PC in the Epic Games Store and on PS5.

System requirements Luthor-slasher Godfall
The developers have named only two configurations.

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