Google first told how much YouTube earns

Google as part of the report for the next financial period of the parent company Alphabet disclosed earnings information for YouTube video service. Over the past three months, the site has raised $ 5 billion in advertising. And over the year, it earned $ 15 billion, the report said. This is about 10% of the total revenue of all Google services.

According to rough estimates, YouTube earns about 20% of the amount that it receives for Facebook ads, and six times more than Amazon’s Twitch.

To date, there are 20 million Premium subscribers who have access to YouTube without ads, they also have additional “buns” and Music Premium. Pay TV YouTube uses 2 million subscribers, reports The Verge.

The “other category” (which includes, inter alia, Pixel, Google Home and some other products) brought in $ 5.3 billion over the reporting period. Total revenue for 2019 amounted to $ 46 billion, 17% higher than in 2018.

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