Google has launched a project to reduce smartphone dependence. The company offered to pack it in an envelope

The application restricts the device’s capabilities with a dialer and receiving calls.

Envelope for a smartphone from the Envelope project Google source

Google has launched three pilot projects under the Digital Wellbeing project. In one of them, the company offered to pack a smartphone in a paper envelope. This was reported on the developer’s site.

It’s about the Envelope app . After downloading, it limits the capabilities of the phone exclusively to the dialer and camera. In order to avoid temptations, the company offers users to print a special paper envelope, collect it and put it inside the smartphone.

The application now contains an envelope sketch for Pixel 3a only. It includes cutouts for the camera, charging and printed buttons for the dialer. Keys for dialing numbers will be highlighted.

The company also launched two digital applications: Activity Bubbles and Screen Stopwatch . Both services are designed to track user activity.

Activity Bubbles are live wallpapers. The application fills the screen with balls every time you use the device. One unlock – one ball. The size of each of them depends on the time of use

Activity Bubbles app Google source

Screen Stopwatch is also a “live” wallpaper, but unlike the previous service, the application allows you to track the exact amount of time spent in the device. Each time the smartphone is unlocked, a stopwatch is activated on the screen that monitors usage time.Screen Stopwatch App Google Source

Screen Stopwatch App Google Source

These are not the first applications from Google to improve control over the use of a smartphone. In 2019, the company released an application for tracking the number of unlocks Unlock Clock , a service to limit the number of applications used by Desert Island, and a number of other programs

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