Google Translate added new languages ​​for the first time in four years. Among them – Tatar

One of the problems adding new languages, the company called an insufficient number of texts on the Internet in these languages.

Google Translate added new languages ​​for the first time in four years. Now 108 languages ​​are available for translation. This was reported in the blog of the company.

Five languages ​​were added to the translator: Tatar, Turkmen, Uyghur, Kinyarwanda and Odia. Google explained that a total of 75 million people speak them.

The company said that one of the difficulties of adding new languages ​​is a small amount of content on the Internet in these same languages.

Google Translate learns from existing translations, which are most often found on the Internet. Languages ​​without a lot of web content have traditionally been difficult to translate. But thanks to our progress in machine learning and the active participation of the Google Translate community, we have added five new languages.


The last time new languages were added to the translator in 2016. Then 13 languages ​​became available for translation, among which Kyrgyz, Kurdish, Hawaiian and Luxembourgish.

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