Graphene batteries are already here: an American company promises commercial production

The head of the American company Real Graphene Samuel Gong gave an interview to Digital Trends , in which he stated that his company was ready to start producing graphene batteries with characteristics that would leave far behind traditional lithium-ion batteries. According to Gong, his 3000 mAh battery manages to be fully charged in 20 minutes. True, using a 60-watt charge.

Gong also noted that if most modern smartphones have batteries designed for 300-500 cycles of full charge-discharge, his device can withstand 1,500 cycles with a similar capacity. Another advantage of a graphene battery is that it generates less heat, and therefore, is cooler and safer than competitors.

– Graphene is an amazing conductor of heat and electricity. Lithium does not like when you invest a lot of energy and when you extract a lot of energy. We used graphene in two different ways. We mix it with lithium, add a composite layer, like a graphene sheet, to a lithium battery. It acts like a conductor for electricity and does not produce that much heat, ”Samuel Gong explained.

Real Graphene is going to offer electronics manufacturers not only the battery itself, but also a comprehensive solution that includes the chipset needed for proper charging. Some manufacturers are already testing his company’s solution. The use of graphene in batteries is expected to increase their cost by 30%.

Gong is sure that by the end of the year graphene batteries will appear in devices of large brands. True, initially only in top-level devices.

As for the ordinary consumer, Gong offers him to participate in the crowdfunding campaign, which Real Graphene will launch in the near future. It is planned to implement two power banks G-100 and G-100 Max. The first is at 10,000 mAh with three ports for charging for $ 90. The second – at 20,000 mAh. They will be charged through a separately sold for $ 15 100-watt power supply.

We will know whether Real Graphene will fulfill its promises by the end of this year.

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