Guiding wind, friendly foxes and black and white: 18 minutes of gameplay and Ghost of Tsushima details

On May 14, Sony hosted the broadcast of State of Play with the gameplay Ghost of Tsushima. The video shows the main features of the game, including world navigation, customization and the combat system.

For those who are not ready to perceive the information from the video, we have outlined key points.

18 minutes of gameplay in 4K


  • The navigator in the game is the wind. When a player marks a point on the map, visible airflows direct Jin at the touch of a button.
  • The call of the horse is made, as in Assassin’s Creed – at any point and whistle.
  • As in most open world games, Tsushima has uncharted locations with a question mark that can be explored.
  • In abandoned buildings you can find rare resources.
  • The game has a lot of implicit visual markers: an interesting location can be marked by a smoke column or an unusual tree.
  • Animals and birds can lead Jin to points of interest. However, there are dangerous animals in the game: a video shows a bear attacking a group of soldiers.
  • Foxes are sent to hidden shrines, which must be “honored” for pumping. And they can be ironed.
  • Ghost of Tsushima has fast travel.

Open battle in the guise of a samurai

  • In open battle (it is considered more valiant), a system is used, which presumes the saving of forces. Every hit is important.
  • The main character has a bow and a set of racks effective against specific types of enemies.
  • Parry is one of the key battle mechanics: for a mortal strike, the attack must be repelled at the very last moment.

Stealth in the guise of a Ghost

  • Stealth is very similar to that in Assassin’s Creed: opponents are killed from the back or by jumping from above.
  • After the hidden murder of the first of the two enemies, the second can be killed immediately – until he has come to his senses.
  • Opponents can be lured with fireworks or killed with throwing weapons.
  • Jin has a smoke bomb that allows him to stun the enemy and immediately inflict heavy damage on him with one blow.
  • The Mongols are afraid of the main character in the guise of a ghost, this gives him a tactical advantage. Escaping opponents are easier to catch by surprise again.


  • Different types of armor not only look different, but also provide various combat advantages.
  • Leveling is carried out using amulets that give unique military equipment, as well as using traditional skill points.
  • The color of clothes can be changed by collecting plants. They can be grabbed without getting off the horse.

Photo mode and options for fans of samurai cinema

  • The game has a unique photo mode with the ability to shoot video. The player controls the lighting, particle movement and even background music – this will allow you to make moving cards.
  • The game can be played with a black and white filter in the style of old samurai films.
  • A Japanese track is available for those who want to keep the atmosphere.


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