Hacking terrorist iPhone cost the FBI $ 1.3 million

And this is the seven-year salary of the head of the department.

The high-profile case of hacking the iPhone 5c, owned by one of the terrorists involved in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, never ceases to amaze everyone with new and new details. A week ago it became known that professional hackers who were not tied to any particular organization helped to crack the smartphone .

Hacker services flew the FBI a pretty penny. And if analysts predicted the amount of rewards for a successful hack in the amount of $ 15,000 , then the head of the FBI calls the amount completely different.

For assistance, a group of people who contributed to hacking received more than I could earn until the end of the service in the department.

James Komi, FBI Chief

Given that the annual salary of Komi is about $ 183.3 thousand, and until the end of his term in the FBI, he will have 7 years and 4 months left, an impressive amount of $ 1.34 million . Exactly such a jackpot could have been hacked by an Apple smartphone. And this is according to the most conservative estimates.

But the most interesting thing is that after gaining access to the device, it was not possible to find any valuable information . [ MR ]

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