Hacking the iPhone turned out to be easier than Android smartphones, Huawei Mate 20 Pro called impregnable

It is believed that two Israeli companies have developed effective tools to circumvent the protection of Apple smartphones and get data from them. These are Cellebrite and Grayshift, who released devices that can use brute-force to pick up passwords for “apple” devices – they turn off the device’s lock feature when re-entering the password.

Apple released a patch that covered the gap, but Cellebrite and Grayshift found a way around it. It is alleged that “spyware” devices can freely extract data from the built-in storage of iOS smartphones, including the most current models (not all, but many).

A private detective who works for the police and deals with “digital evidence” is sure that the FBI’s statements about the impossibility of breaking through the iPhone’s protection are nonsense.

As follows from the Vice material , Android smartphones are much better protected, although in the past it was they who succumbed to hacking without much difficulty. Now, Google Pixel 2 and Samsung Galaxy S9, for example, do not allow access to GPS data, accounts on social networks and the browser, other models block access to call logs and text messages. Ironically, the Huawei Mate 20 Pro turned out to be completely inaccessible.

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