Hamas hackers tried to crack the phones of the Israeli military, posing as girls in social networks

And offering to install a malicious application.

Photo create fake account of the Israel Defense Forces, 

The Israel Defense Forces said that the Hamas Palestinian movement was trying to crack the phones of the Israeli military by sending them malware from the fake accounts of girls on social networks.

Hackers wrote to soldiers from fake accounts and introduced themselves as young girls who want to meet them. For persuasiveness, they called themselves immigrants, explaining this poor knowledge of Hebrew. They also claimed that they did not hear well, so they preferred correspondence rather than calls.

After the hackers established trusting relationships with the soldiers, they invited the Israeli military to download a photo-sharing application. Then the hackers sent links to applications with malicious software, which allowed access to smartphones: photos, contacts and location. Also, hackers could remotely include photography and audio recording.

Hamas used Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram for correspondence with the Israeli military. According to the Israeli army lieutenant colonel Jonathan Konrikus, dozens of phones turned out to be hacked , but the Israel Defense Forces at the early stage uncovered the activities of hackers and prevented information leaks.

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