Head of development Ghost of Tsushima: to get all the weapons and complete all the missions, you have to carefully explore the world

The more time players spend on learning Tsushima, the wider the possibilities of the main character will become.

Ghost of Tsushima game director Nate Fox, who had previously worked on the InFAMOUS series, was interviewed by Press Start , an Australian newspaper. In it, the developer confirmed that the main character of the upcoming game will receive new weapons and abilities in the course of the plot – but in order to open all the equipment and tasks, players will need to explore the world.

Fox also said that only a thorough study of the island of Tsushima, which will unfold the action of Ghost of Tsushima, will open all the abilities of the character. According to the developer, Sucker Punch studio deliberately linked the progression with the study – to encourage the players who deal with it, and more accurately show the life of a wandering samurai.

This game is not about knocking out loot. This is a game about history and exploration. And if you go along the plot, you will get some abilities and weapons, but if you want to open all the possibilities, you will have to explore the world, look for secondary characters, go to places you didn’t know existed.

We wanted players who devote a lot of time to searching to be able to change their playing style. We got more varied gameplay, opened up new ways to solve our problems.

And we also understood that in the wandering samurai game, not all players will be able to find the content that we added – be it abilities or missions. That is the essence of freedom.

Nate fox

head of development Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima July 17 on PS4. The game will take up 50 gigabytes on the disk — half as much as The Last of Us Part II — and it will take about 40-50 hours to complete it.


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