Hellpoint will be released in two months, but has already received a free sequel on Steam

The release of the action-RPG itself, the setting of which combines science and the occult, is scheduled for April 16.

Hellpoint is developing the Canadian studio Cradle Games, which decided to release for free The Thespian Feast , a demo of the game originally released in 2016.

The developers have significantly updated the demo – they added other opponents and the boss to it, as well as introduced support for a cooperative split-screen game and a plot that unfolds decades after the events of Hellpoint.

The upcoming game will tell about a researcher who is trying to uncover the secrets of the Irid Novo space station, captured by gods and monsters from other dimensions.

tinyBuild, which is the publisher of Hellpoint, is ready to release The Thespian Feast on other platforms on which the game will appear – on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch – but only if the free chapter interests Steam users.

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