Here are the richest Tiktokers 5 Out of 7 who make millions of dollars

Forbes magazine has published a rating of “Tiktokers” who, thanks to this social network, have become millionaires. Annual income from June 30, 2019 to June 30, 2020 was taken into account. The list includes only those who became famous in TikTok. That is, popular figures who came here from other spheres were not included in the rating.

  1. Addison Ray Easterling($ 5 million)

The girl came to TikTok about a year ago. By the fall, she had collected a million subscribers, and now there are more than 54 million of them. Then she began to actively post content with advertising, and in December she dropped out of school and left for Los Angeles to be closer to celebrities, wealthy corporations and their money. Today Addison not only advertises other brands, but also creates his own – together with the startup, she has launched the production of cosmetics.

@addisonre♬ – oldmuserss

  1. Charlie D’Amelio($ 4 million)

Made her name last year for a viral dance series. Soon she was invited to act as an opening act for celebrities, and then Charlie entered into a number of contracts for advertising cosmetics. The girl is only 16 years old, but she has over 76 million subscribers. Lives in Los Angeles, where she again recently moved from a small town in Connecticut.

@charlidameliodc @sheafreak4jb1♬ Not The Thermometer Slow Version – _.editedsounds

  1. Dixie D’Amelio($ 3 million)

Charlie’s older sister. But he specializes not so much in dancing as in vocals. Therefore, probably, the subscribers are half that of the sister. But Dixie last June released her first single, Be Happy, which exploded on YouTube.

@dixiedamelio@orosabeauty ##orosaxcoastalcraze wearing “rapids” one of my favvvvvvs♬ Tap In x Rags2Riches x Wet – carneyval

  1. Lauren Gray($ 2.6 million)

It’s hard to say what Lauren specializes in on her TikTok. But she has a handful of songs and deals with brands like Skechers, Hyundai and Burger King. Currently, Tiktoker is passionate about promoting Revlon cosmetics

@lorengraymornin♬ wild thots – anim3edjts

  1. Josh Richards($ 1.5 million)

The only guy in the top five. This Canadian has become popular with girls thanks to his naked torso, the image of an “energetic teenager” and videos of dancing to tracks of celebrities. By the way, he also recently moved to Los Angeles. Here, the guy signed contracts with Reebok, started his own “talent management” company, and also launched the Ani Energy soda line.

@joshrichardsSam has replaced me @samhurley @rileysaurage

♬ Wet Shoota – sound.remixes


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