Here are the wallpapers that can “kill” your Android smartphone. Do not download them!

The network has received numerous complaints about a bug related to the use of images as wallpapers for Android smartphones. We are talking about a specific picture that can disable a smartphone. You can solve the problem by resetting the smartphone to the default settings. The problem does not appear on all phones.

The Android Authority journalist set the image as wallpaper on the Mate 20 Pro and Google Pixel 2, a failure only happened in the second case. Restarting in safe mode did not help, after several attempts to boot, the smartphone offered a reset to the factory settings: the data was lost, but the mobile phone restored functionality.

Later it turned out that a similar problem had happened earlier, it was mentioned in the Android error tracker. Apparently, it lies in the color profile of the image – the operating system is not able to cope with it and “breaks”.

At least the smartphones Google, Samsung, OnePlus, Nokia and Xiaomi were hit, however, not all models.

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