Here’s everything Apple showed at WWDC 2020

This is the end of Apple’s main summer event, the Worldwide Developers Conference. This year the presentation took place online for the first time. Now let’s take a look at all the presented new software and hardware.

The presentation began with a beautiful video, at the end of which Tim Cook began his performance from the stage of the empty Steve Jobs theater . The head of Apple touched on two of the most pressing topics of recent months. We will not repeat ourselves, you already know.

At the fifth minute of the presentation, the hopes of seeing some “iron novelty” melted away. Everyone saw the slide exclusively with the name of the new versions of Apple’s software.

iOS 14📱


We decided to start with trump cards. The first operating system at the presentation was iOS 14 .

The mobile OS has a new way to group applications – App Library . This is a kind of analogue of folders, which will combine similar programs automatically.

The second important feature is Widgets . Very similar to numerous concepts from third party designers and artists.

The Smart Stack feature will collect the most needed applications on the desktop, and the list will change depending on the user’s preferences.

Finally, we’ve added picture-in-picture mode to the iPhone. Large screens of smartphones have long allowed you to watch videos and work in another application.

Siri voice assistant received a new, more compact interface and many software changes.

We upgraded the standard iMessage application , added a few tips for group chats and more decorations for Memoji.

The update of the Maps application looks less interesting . They promised to improve the service in the UK, Ireland and Canada. More useful information was added to the maps, but this is not entirely relevant for us.

Much more interesting is the update to the CarPlay app . The iPhone will now be able to act as a key for the car, it will be possible to share access to the car with friends and monitor the movements of your vehicle. At the start, the CarKey chip will only work in the latest generation BMW i5 .

You can also change the wallpaper from the CarPlay home screen.

The next feature is called App Clips , it will allow you to make small versions of applications, for example, to pay for goods and make purchases. The programs will take up very little space, and you can download them directly by the QR code.

This is the set of features and changes that the iPhone will receive this fall.

iPadOS 14📱


Next in line is the operating system update for Apple tablets.

The story began with a not very interesting feature – the updated Photo application . The program received a convenient side menu for accessing folders and working files. Similar menus will appear in other standard programs like Notes and Files .

Updating the incoming call window looks much more attractive. Of course, this suggested itself after the appearance of a similar option in iOS 14. Now, when you call, you will see a beautiful elegant widget.

Redesigned the voice assistant interface on the iPad. Now Siri will show off modestly in the corner without covering the entire screen area.

Spotlight search has become more functional and now it looks more like a similar feature from macOS.

Improved interaction of tablets with branded stylus Apple Pencil. Handwriting will be possible almost everywhere.

Suddenly, a few minutes at the presentation were devoted to updating the firmware of AirPods . The headphones will be able to automatically switch between connected devices on the fly. When the user changes the gadget, the headset itself connects to it.

Almost all AirPods and some Beats headsets will get the chip.

watchOS 7 ⌚

The turn has come to find out what new smartwatches will get this fall.

First on the list of innovations are the new dials and easier customization.

Finally, the Cupertinians have allowed the download of third-party watch faces.

Dance tracking has been added to activity modes. The watch will be able to more accurately calculate the effort expended by the user and the calories burned while moving.

The watch will receive improved sleep tracking algorithms and the ability to view detailed statistics right on the gadget screen. We also added a new timer for hand washing.

We talked about data security for a few minutes. For those who have forgotten, they recalled how much the Cupertinians do to protect confidential information.

The Sign in with Apple chip for registering on third-party sites and services is being actively implemented on the network.

All user data is securely protected and is not collected by the company for processing.

The HomeKit smart home control system received further improvements . Most of the innovations are “under the hood” and aimed at developers of smart home gadgets.

Users, in turn, will receive new automation scripts and automatic suggestions for connecting one device to another.

The system will have the ability to recognize faces with further actions, notifications and chips.

tvOS 14 📺

The operating system for the set-top box has received very few changes this year. Among the main features is the support of several user accounts for quickly changing settings and a list of preferences for each user.

You can now connect the Xbox Elite Controller to the console , it would be something to play on the big screen.

Subscribers of the AppleTV + streaming service next year will have access to the series The Foundation , which is based on the stories of Isaac Asimov .

macOS 11 Big Sur 🖥

A new system for Mac is next in line. The OS interface was seriously redesigned, it became lighter and more similar to mobile iOS and iPaOS. Redrawn most of the system graphics, icons and visuals.

The system has even more transparency, which can be a problem for older Macs.

Finally, macOS has added an analogue of the iOS control center to access the main system settings.

The panel with notifications and missed messages has also become more like the top curtain from the iPhone.

New widgets have also been transferred from the mobile system, which will not stand out from the new design style.

We’ve improved the Messages app a bit . Now the program can use memoji, stickers, all the features of group chats and other innovations that appeared synchronously with iOS 14.

We reminded the developers of a useful Catalyst option that allows you to adapt apps from iOS and iPadOS to macOS. During the year of its existence, almost no one used it.

The Cupertinos decided to demonstrate the usefulness of the chip by their example and made a universal Maps application . It will look the same on your smartphone, tablet and computer.

The updated Safari browser has become even faster than its main competitor. A new mechanism for installing updates has been added to the program, which will allow third-party developers to create even more useful extensions.

Safari now has a preview of open tabs, a wallpaper on the screen with bookmarks, and a few more visual tricks.

Mac moves to ARM processors

As expected, the Cupertinians announced the transition of computers to processors of their own design. Soon we will see the first MacBook models with mobile processors like the iPhone and iPad.

This event is comparable to the transition from PowerPC to Intel processors , which was announced by Steve Jobs at WWDC 2005 .

Most likely, all Apple computers in a few years will switch to their own ARM processors.

Starting with the macOS Big Sur operating system, all standard applications will be adapted for ARM. Several third-party developers who have partnered with Apple have already begun adapting their software products.

It looks like things are heading for a merger between desktop and mobile operating systems, which Tim Cook denied at WWDC a few years ago.

Quite unexpectedly, the new Mac mini with the A12Z processor was presented .

The computer will be powered by the same chip as the latest generation iPad Pro. The first batch is available only to software developers. Apple computers with ARM processors will be on sale towards the end of the year.


The first beta versions of iOS 14, iPadOS 14, macOS 11 for developers will be available today.

That’s all, we are waiting for your impressions in the comments!

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