Here’s how to make a paper airplane that set a world record for distance

Writer John Collins showed how to create a paper airplane that could set a world record.

In 2012, Collins hit the Guinness Book . His paper plane Susan , named after his wife, flew 69.14 meters .

A few years later, the inventor told how to create the exact same aircraft.

To do this, it is better to use special paper Conqueror CX22 100gsm. But a regular A4 sheet is also suitable.

We turn to the creation of a record-breaking aircraft.

1. Fold the sheet diagonally. Align it on the left side and expand

2. Now do the same with the other side.

3. Bend the left and right edges so that their ends end in place of previous bends

4. Fold down the bow. It should end at the place where the diagonal folds intersect. Then bend the left and right sides

6. Turn the plane over, and then fold it in half. The central fold should be below

7. Fold the wing so that its back covers the bottom of the aircraft. Make sure that there is no white triangle, as in the picture. Bend the other wing in the same way

For the best effect, you can tape all the places shown in the picture with tape.

Useful tips for launching a paper airplane:

▪️ Speed ​​up smoothly so that the glider
flies longer ▪️ When starting, hold it by the thickest part
▪️ Adjust the wings at 155–165 degrees
▪️ The back of the wings can be slightly bent up so that the plane lasts longer

Collins has studied origami and aerodynamics for years to create the perfect paper airplane. He regularly conducts teaching lessons in schools in order to introduce as many children as possible to science. [ Wired ]


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