Hideo Kojima: Death Stranding paid off – developers have enough money for the next game

But one project at Kojima Productions has already been abandoned.

In an interview with the Japanese portal Livedoor News, the game designer said that Death Stranding fully recouped the development costs, rejecting the rumors about a commercial failure that spread on the network in March. According to Kojima, fans should not worry about the state of the studio.

Sales have already exceeded the desired line – the game began to generate revenue and returned the funds spent on development. So I consider her successful. In addition, we will soon release a PC version.

Do not worry, we have enough funds to start preparing for the next project.

Hideo Kojima

game designer

He refused to tell what Kojima Productions will do next, as the company is still making plans. However, the developer mentioned that he had to abandon some major project recently – despite the insult, he understands that this constantly happens in the industry.

Hideo Kojima also rejected rumors that the studio was trying to buy back the rights to Metal Gear Solid and revive PT – he said he did not even hear about it.

The release of Death Stranding on the PC should take place on July 14 – earlier the game was postponed for a month and a half due to the temporary closure of the Kojima Productions office.


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