Honest impression of using Samsung Galaxy Fold

I first picked up the Samsung Galaxy Fold, when the hype around it has subsided significantly. Bloggers and reviewers have already rushed to talk about their impressions, twisting the gadget in their hands for a couple of days.

I put aside all other smartphones and boldly used the Korean flagship as the only and main smartphone for several weeks.

It seems that the time has come to talk about the real impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Fold in the conditions of Russian colds and the Moscow metro.

Two screens – really convenient?

When closed, the owner has access to a small 4.6 ″ super-AMOLED touch screen with a resolution of 720 x 1680 pixels, which is considered auxiliary: only read the message, or see who is calling, answer, or drop the call.

Another thing is the main one: 7.3 ″ inches, with a resolution of 2152 x 1536 (QXGA +), made using Dynamic AMOLED technology. The colors are bright, black is so really black.

A sort of tablet in your hand, but at the same time, you fold it in half and hide it in your jeans pocket. Convenient and unusual.

This feeling will accompany you the first few days of use. You will be excited to download games and applications from Google Play to launch a shooter, or a beautiful space strategy.

After 3 minutes, you turn off the game, because the next one has already been downloaded. You need to run and try all the titles that you heard about or played in to convince yourself that it was not in vain that you gave such an impressive amount for the world’s first flexible smartphone.

But when all the toys are checked, a couple of three sites’s news feed is viewed on the Internet, and 3-4 days have passed since the Galaxy Fold was purchased, the magic begins to dissipate.

Sadly, the large screen is often inconvenient to use.

For all the routine actions that we usually do on a smartphone, in the case of the Galaxy Fold, I used only a secondary screen .

Well, you won’t be in the subway or walking down the street to open the device into a tablet: the screen is too large, you need to type messages with both hands, and generally reach for different corners of the screen for a long time.

And the small external screen seems to save. You can quickly open WhatsApp or Telegram, read, squint, a message and beat off the answer on the virtual keyboard.

Only now it is too small, and the accuracy of recognition of clicks on Android smartphones is still not up to Apple standards.

In winter, it is generally not recommended to often open the Galaxy Fold in the cold. Still, the flexible screen is quite a delicate thing.

By the end of the first week, mistakes and typos in words began to strain not only me: everyone with whom I corresponded noted that it became difficult to read my messages because of the abundance of extra letters, or vice versa, missing characters and punctuation marks.

In games, you begin to notice that most are simply not optimized for the Galaxy Fold screen. The buttons of the interface and other elements either climb beyond the edges of the screen or are hidden under the protruding module of the front camera.

Although, YouTube is still convenient to watch on a smartphone in expanded form. But this is no longer exciting.

Yes, forget about the ability to post stories on Instagram on the big screen: it is impossible to select filters, make a signature. More precisely, you can make a signature, but your readers will see it cropped on both sides. Fail.

But with a small auxiliary screen, everything is in order : all games fit perfectly into it, Instagram works as it should.

And you already catch yourself thinking that you opened the Galaxy Fold once in the morning, watch the news at breakfast, and in the evening see the video on YouTube.

The rest of the time it’s convenient to use your smartphone when folded . A natural scenario for using a home tablet that you do not take with you when you leave home.

Two weeks’ main impression with the Galaxy Fold

After I returned the gadget, any smartphone in my hands seemed just perfect. The usual monolithic rectangular block of any size, be it Huawei P30 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max or even Samsung Galaxy S10 +.

I was glad that at any second I have at hand a large, convenient screen that you do not need to squint at.

So the main impression of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is that the external screen is too small . Really. Now, if it were a normal size, like most smartphones, this device would be much more convenient to use.

Samsung Galaxy Fold was not created even for techies, as we originally thought. It was created for successful people who use a tablet more often than a smartphone. To do this, you need a certain standard of living: quiet work in the office and a car with a personal driver, at least.

If you have all this, you go in a suit and decide important issues – you can safely spend  on this hybrid tablet and under-smartphone. Interested views of colleagues and girls on Fridays at the Gipsy or Icon club are guaranteed.

Although, both you and I know which smartphone such a person would prefer. Such, dark green, with three cameras and an apple on the back.

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