Hoverbike Map, New Hero, and Updated Pass – Apex Legends Season 7 Highlights

Octane skin for pass level 50 and R99 for pass level 110

The seventh season of Apex Legends kicks off on November 4th, and this update will be the largest since the release of the game. On October 29, Respawn held a closed presentation, telling the details of the update and giving the opportunity to play the preview for several hours – we are sharing the main thing.

Olympus Map and Trident Hoverbikes

  • Olympus is the third map in Apex Legends, which will not only add variety to the rotation, but also allow the stories of several characters to continue. According to lore, this flying city over the planet Psamat is associated at least with Lifeline, Octane, Loba and Revenant.
  • For the first controlled vehicle in the game on Olympus, there are prudently many open spaces, but the map also lacks verticality. For example, players will be able to use cables or from a ship to climb to the very top of the Bonsai Plaza towers.
  • Portals are placed on Olympus, with the help of which you can quickly get to another point on the map – they work like Wraith’s ultimate, but in them players will still receive damage around the circle.
  • You can fall off the map, because it is still a city flying in the clouds. However, it is now at least harder to do than in earlier versions – according to Respawn, testers crashed frequently.
  • Despite the futuristic “clean” style, the details on Olympus are enough, so it cannot be said that the visibility on this map is better than on the previous two. Enemies can still blend in with the terrain.
  • The Trident Hoverbikes are the first controlled vehicle in the game. In fact, they hardly resemble bikes: up to three characters (from one squad) can sit in them and they are quite large.
    “Tridents” cannot be blown up – there are not so many of them on the map that players could just destroy them. But they can be thrown off the map or temporarily disabled with the help of an arc star.
  • While on the “Trident” you cannot crush opponents, however, you can install abilities on the means, like the Rampart turret.

Hero Horison

  • Scholar Horison is also directly related to the flying city of Olympus in lore. She wanted to resolve the local energy crisis, but due to betrayal, she was stuck in space, while almost 90 years had passed in the city during this time. To make things right, she wants to go back in time and fulfill the promise she made to her son.
  • Horizon’s passive ability allows her not to lose speed after falling from a great height, continuing to move, while the rest of the characters slow down greatly at this moment.
  • Horaison’s active ability was already in some sense available in the game as a teaser. She can throw gravity lifts that lift both allies and enemies.
    Horison’s ultimate ability is a small black hole that pulls together all characters, including allies. According to Respawn, it was quite difficult to balance, and the developers are going to make changes based on the first feedback from the players.
  • During development, Horison has undergone many changes. At first, he was a completely evil character, somewhat reminiscent of Lex Luthor, and his abilities were built around fire.

Other changes and innovations

  • With the start of the seventh season, Clubs will appear in the game – this is a local version of clans, whose leaders will be able to collect communities and even create their own logos to stand out from the rest of the groups.
  • The pass progression has been updated and made a little easier – now there are no tasks that give 6 thousand experience in it. From now on, every week, as before, there are several tasks that give one pass level, and in addition to them there are tasks that give stars – by collecting 10 stars, the player receives another battle pass level.
  • Mission progression can now be tracked in the match itself.
    PP R99 is back on the regular loot list and can be found on the ground. It is for him that the legendary skin will be available at level 100 and 110 of the new pass. Instead of R99, another submachine gun was removed in the drops – Prowler. At the same time, there is a legendary in the pass for the “Seeker”.
  • With the start of the season, a new quest with a comic strip will appear in the game – players will again have to collect chests on the maps.
    The seventh season kicks off on November 4th, and along with that, the game will appear on Steam with the option to transfer progress. You won’t need an Origin client.
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