How much does YouTube pay for a million views in the United States with the example of 5 bloggers

Surely many of you have a question about the income of bloggers on YouTube. How much do they get for at least 1 million views from each video?

Of course, the platform has a number of limitations, due to which monetization can be removed or simply cut back. YouTube tags some videos that contain swearing or copyrighted music, and they don’t make money.

Resource Business Insider learned from the five largest authors in the United States, how much they earn from their videos.

  1. Jade Darmavangs, business coach

Subscribers : 345 thousand

Jade Darmavangs is coaching. She launched her channel in 2015. In 2018, YouTube for 24 hours showed it on its world famous Creator on The Rise page , which helped to further promote the profile.

The video titled How to grow on Instagram with 1.2 million views brought the creator about $ 3600 . In March, the average cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ranged from $ 8 to $ 15.

The reason for the higher CPM is the demographic and niche audience. My content is mainly related to business, and therefore attracts advertisers with a large budget.

“Jade Darmavangs.”

Jade is now giving advice to aspiring bloggers and businessmen on the Internet.

  1. Austin Alexander, Marine

Subscribers : 370 thousand

Austin Alexander is an employee of the US Navy. Talks about life in the navy, secret training, helps other people to achieve their goals.

Alexander launched his channel in 2016, and now he publishes videos such as One Day in the Life of a US Soldier , and Miss Bikini Olympia is undergoing physical tests of the U.S. Navy . He specifically stretches his rollers to increase the timing. This also affects income.

On average, 1 million views brings the creator about $ 6,000 .

The author includes all advertising options in his videos: preview, banners and others. He also adds a “commercial break” in the middle of the video, which, he said, helped him make money.

  1. Marina Mogilko, business coach, translator

Subscribers : 2.3 million

Marina Mogilko, who spent the first 25 years in St. Petersburg, has three YouTube channels: language, lifestyle, and business. In August, she told Business Insider that her business channel is more attractive to advertisers than the other two channels.

In August, Mogilko told the publication that a video entitled 10 highly paid works that you can learn with 1.5 million views (at that time) brought in $ 10 thousand .

Mogilko earns an average of $ 10.73 for every 1000 views on a business channel, $ 4 on a language channel and $ 2.71 on a lifestyle channel.

  1. Shelby Church, technoblogger

Subscribers : 1.5 million

Church mainly talks about technology. And it’s not at all necessary about some smartphones and tablets. It applies in general to all possible trending topics, such as smart guitars, Tesla electric vehicles, smart glasses, and so on.

Her video on Amazon FBA ( Amazon Trading System) garnered 1.8 million views. And the income from it is about $ 30 thousand .

Shelby has dozens of videos in excess of 1 million views. But she usually earns most of her income from sponsors, not from monetizing Google AdSense on YouTube.

  1. Kevin David, entrepreneur

Subscribers : 1 million

Kevin David is an information business expert with expertise in e-commerce, social networks and digital business. He tells on his channel about the achievements or failures of various companies, analyzes their activities and makes predictions.

His Beginner Shopify video has earned just over a million views. And he earned on it more than $ 40 thousand .

David builds the analytics of his channel, looking at key phrases, search queries and general trends. And also do not hesitate to borrow other people’s ideas for the development of your channel.

In Russia, they earn much less

This can be checked using the SocialBlade service , it shows the analytics of the channels, including the approximate income of the creators.

Costs per thousand impressions can range from $ 0.25 to $ 4. On average, at $ 1 . It turns out that for a million views the blogger gets about $ 1000 , sometimes less.

Monthly income, as a rule, does not exceed $ 100 thousand. And this is only among the most top authors.

A few examples (figures are indicated for a month of activity):

  1. Yuri Dud: 31.5 million views, from $ 10.6 thousand to $ 170 thousand per month
    2. Amiran Sardarov: 22 million views, from $ 1.9 thousand to $ 31.1 thousand per month
    3. Oblomof : 18.3 million views, from $ 4.8 thousand to $ 76.1 thousand per month
    4. Yuri Khovansky : 10.3 million views, from $ 2.8 thousand to $ 44.2 thousand per month
    5. Sasha Spilberg : 5.7 million views, from $ 741 to $ 11.9 thousand per month

Russian bloggers often get extra money from advertising integrations, because payments from YouTube may not be enough for monthly expenses.


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