How the Cellebrite device works to crack any iPhone. Video

The Scottish police posted a video showing a Cellebrite device to crack any iPhone in action.

Topic: They hack any iPhone. How GrayKey and Cellebrite Spy Gadgets Work

These devices accelerate the invasion process, allowing police officers to quickly determine whether a smartphone contains relevant evidence. If not, then smart can be quickly returned to its owner.

The technology allows specially trained employees to sort mobile devices to determine if they contain information that could be of value to a police investigation or incident. This will allow the investigation to continue at an earlier stage, and non-investigation devices will be returned faster.

The increased involvement of digital devices in investigations and the ever-expanding capabilities of these devices mean that the demand for digital forensics is higher than ever. However, current restrictions mean that the devices of victims, witnesses and suspects can be used for several months, even if later it turns out that they are not worthy of evidence.

By quickly identifying devices that contain and do not contain evidence, we can minimize the invasion of people’s lives and provide the best service to the public

– Chief of Police Malcolm Graham

Through the Cellebrite device, you can quickly access calendar, photos, videos and text messages.

Nevertheless, if evidence is found on smartphones, they will leave it before the trial, although Cellebrite can get an almost complete copy of all the data. The first public use of the gadget was the case of the shooter from San Bernadino in 2016. [ 9to5 ]

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