How to back up emails and data from Gmail

Most users have more than just mail, calendars, and contacts in their Gmail account. Google servers are packed with our photos, email attachments, browser history, bookmarks and other not very useful information.

There is a way to quickly download the data you need from Google servers.
How to keep a full backup of data from Gmail
1. Go to the main screen of your account settings . If you choose the wrong account, re-login.
2. In the lower left corner you will see the Disk storage block. It will display the amount of data stored in the account by category.
3. Click the Data Management and Personification link .
4. Locate the Download, Delete and Scheduling section in the list .
5. Click the Download your data button .
6. In the list, you can select the type of data to download. Here you can download all files from the cloud, contacts, calendars, reminders, documents from Google Docks, all attachments to mail, Google photos, bookmarks and history of the Chrome browser and other types of data.
For most types of data, there are additional settings: you can select the desired part for loading, and sometimes specify the data format for export.
7. At the very bottom of the list, click Next .
8. Configure the upload format (file size and archive parameters).
9. Click the Create export button and wait for a letter with a link to download the backup.
Usually, an e-mail with a download link will arrive within the next 24 hours.

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