How to close mac application on macOS that is not in Dock

If an application hangs on the Mac whose icon is displayed in the Dock, it can be completed through the context menu or in the Forced program termination window. How to terminate or restart hung applications that only appear on the menu bar?

A hung Mac application can be restarted in several ways. If the program does not appear in the Dock, but only has an icon in the menu bar, do the following:

1. Launch the System Monitoring application through Spotlight or Launchpad.

2. Manually or through the search bar, find the hung application.

3. Highlight it and click the end button in the upper left corner.

In addition, you can press the “i” button to view information about the application, including statistics on freezes or program crashes.

Using the System Monitoring application, you can terminate any frozen application on a Mac.

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