How to connect your Apple Watch to a treadmill in the gym

I saw a guy in a simulator transfer training data to an Apple Watch. How to do it and what needs to be configured?

Advanced models of modern simulators support GymKit technology , which allows you to transfer accurate workout data to the Apple Watch. Such models are marked with the corresponding logo.

At the moment, it is known that manufacturers have already implemented support: Cybex, SCIFIT, StairMaster, Star Trac, Schwinn and Nautilus . The chip will only work on treadmills, steppers and exercise bikes. Power and other types of simulators are not yet able to transmit data.

At the same time, the Apple Watch will read the heart rate, and more accurate data on distance, pace, calorie consumption and other indicators will be collected from the simulator.

Suitable Apple Watch Series 2 or later with watchOS 4.1 or a newer version of the operating system.

1. On the watch, go to Settings – Workout .

2. Activate the Hardware Discovery switch .

3. Bring the watch to the NFC tag on the simulator.

After connecting, you will feel the vibration, and a new workout will automatically start on the watch screen.

You can synchronize at any time before the end of the training, if you forgot to do it at the very beginning of the activity. The accumulated data will still be transferred.

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