How to connect YouTube Red in Pakistan and download video on iPhone

The most popular video service in the world began to choke on advertising. Today, the owner of even the smallest channel connects an affiliate program and “hangs” his videos with advertising inserts. In addition, on larger channels, authors are not shy about inserting another 2-3 of their advertisements into 10-minute videos.

In order to somehow protect the user from constant waiting and rewindings, Google decided to create a special YouTube Red service .

On the one hand, those who wish can turn off advertising for money (of course, this only applies to commercials from the service itself), and on the other hand, YouTube starts to earn not only advertisers, but also users.

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is a premium YouTube subscription service. Users can watch videos without ads, download videos for offline viewing, background playback of video and audio content on mobile devices.

In addition, YouTube Red subscribers get access to exclusive videos and shows.

Where YouTube Red Works

Since the end of 2015, the service has been working in the USA, later users from Australia, Mexico, New Zealand and the Republic of Korea have the opportunity to subscribe to YouTube’s “goodies” (the latter on the list looks rather strange).

How much is a subscription

The first month you can use the service for free, after which you need to pay $ 9.99 per month. No benefits, discounts or promo codes are provided.

Who needs it

Let’s go through all the chips of the service and figure out which ones it costs to pay a considerable $ 9.99 per month.

You can block ads in videos on iPhone or iPad using various applications or jailbreak tweaks, and on a computer this is not a problem at all.

Background music playback on YouTube + subscription to Google Play Music does not cause any emotions for owners of Apple technology.

Offline mode is needed in extremely rare cases. Usually, if we are going to some wilderness without the Internet, we stock up on movies and TV shows in your favorite player in advance. If you have a jailbreak on your device, you can save videos from YouTube.

There is only one weighty argument in favor of YouTube Red – exclusive shows and series from the most popular YouTube authors. Of course, all the content in this section is English-language and is aimed at viewers from the United States and Australia.

In terms of the quality of the content, the American YouTube has gone far ahead of the domestic one, and a good profit allows the authors to seriously invest in the creation of commercials.

The picture, sound and effects on some channels in the USA have long been equaled with television shows like Mythbusters or Discovery projects. Professional cameramen and directors are invited to shoot, and a special team writes scripts for the next episode.

It turns out that the domestic viewer for $ 9.99 receives an extensive database of English-language shows and TV shows, and in the form of a bonus, he can refuse “crutches” to turn off ads and offline watch videos.

The service can be recommended to students of English or supporting its level. YouTube Red can be a good alternative to a Netflix subscription .

How to connect YouTube Red in Pakistan

As always, an “almighty” VPN comes to the rescue.

1. We use any convenient VPN client, I prefer the free extension Free Proxy to Unblock any sites for the Chrome browser.

2. Connect to the American VPN, go to the service website and click the Subscribe button .

3. We will need to specify the data of a bank card, any, even virtual one, will do (I used a virtual poison card). The billing address can be absolutely any within the United States (we take from here ).

4. Done! We are welcomed to YouTube Red, and the channel of the same name appears among the subscriptions.

5. We go to your account settings and in the YouTube Red section we refuse automatic renewal of the subscription.

Now you can use YouTube without ads for a month, download videos to watch offline on iPhone and iPad and watch shows from the YouTube channel Red Originals.

How to watch YouTube Red

The VPN must be activated on the computer while browsing, as during registration.

On iOS, you can use the free Opera VPN app .

1. Install the application, launch and confirm the installation of the VPN settings.

2. After connecting in the upper right corner, change the country to the USA and wait for reconnection.

3. We go into the YouTube application and see all the features of the Red service.

4. When watching videos, a button for downloading a video will appear below. Downloaded videos will be available from a separate menu in the account settings.

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