How to control the cursor in iPadOS using the keyboard

After the release of iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4 in the Apple mobile operating system, a real cursor appeared for convenient control .

To work, you need a suitable Bluetooth mouse, a mouse with a radio receiver and an adapter for connecting it to Lightning or Type-C, or a new Magic Keyboard accessory .

However, not all users know that you can control the mouse cursor using the keyboard connected to the tablet. This is not so convenient, but in the absence of a manipulator it can come in handy.

How to set up cursor control using the keyboard

  1. Connect the keyboard to the iPad.
  2. Go to Settings – Universal Access – Touch – Assistive Touch.
  3. Activate the Assistive Touchoption .
  4. In the same section, disable the Show menuoption always . So the universal access menu will not be displayed when the keyboard is connected.
  5. In the Mouse buttonssection , activate the switch of the same name to allow the cursor to be moved using the arrows.
  6. Set up a comfortable response delay and cursor movement speed using a couple of sliders below.

Now you can control the cursor using the arrows on the keyboard. By the way, this feature will work on iPhone with a keyboard connected.

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