How to create new keyboard shortcuts in OS X

There is no necessary combination – we will create it ourselves.

Using keyboard shortcuts greatly speeds up your computer. However, not all functions have convenient shortcuts. If the developers did not foresee the ability to activate some function using the keyboard, you can use the standard OS X functionality.

For example, let’s create a “hot key” to quickly save the page address from Safari to the Notes application:

  • we find the desired function in the application menu, make sure that the developers did not come up with combinations for its quick access;
  • go to OS X Settings– Keyboard – Keyboard Shortcuts and select Program Keyboard Shortcuts ;
  • add a new setting and select the desired application;
  • in the Namefield of the menu, enter the name of the item that you want to run, you always need to specify only the name of the item, even if it is located in the drop-down menu;
  • Below we indicate the desired key combination to activate the item.

That’s all, it remains to run the program and check how the new setting works. By the way, the new shortcut will also be displayed in the application menu. In the same section of the system settings, you can delete unnecessary combinations.

Unfortunately, not all developers add such functionality to programs, for example, you cannot assign a combination for Photoshop and other Adobe applications.


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