How to create your oHow to create your own keyboard shortcuts on Macwn keyboard shortcuts on Mac

In some applications for frequently used actions there are no hot keys. Can I customize them myself?

The macOS operating system is renowned for its convenient keyboard controls. Hotkeys are provided for most common actions. You can learn all the combinations using convenient third-party applications .

If the required shortcut is not there, you can add it manually.

Topic: How to run applications on Mac using hotkeys

For example, let’s create a shortcut for Export to PDF in the standard macOS mail client.

  1. Find the desired item in the application menu bar ( File – Export as PDF …).
  2. Go to System Settings – Keyboard – Keyboard Shortcutsand select the Program Keyboard Shortcuts item .
  1. Press “+”to add a new keyboard shortcut.
  2. Select the application, enter the exact name of the team and a suitable shortcut.
  1. Click the Add button and check the action in the application.

If everything is done correctly, the key combination will also appear in the menu bar next to the desired action.

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