How to download a movie clip from YouTube to iPhone

We already talked about how you can download videos from YouTube directly to iPhone or share part of the video with friends on social networks.

It’s time to combine the two skills into one and learn how to download movie clips from YouTube. This is useful to save the right part from a video, lecture or training webinar. So you can quickly share content or use it in your projects.

Of course, you can download the entire video, and then crop the desired part in the iMovie application , but there is a simpler and more convenient way.

How to download part of a video from YouTube

1. Find the video you like in the YouTube app or browser.

2. Copy the link from the Share menu or through the address bar.

3. In Safari, go to .

4. Paste the link from the clipboard into the search bar on the site and click on the video found.

5. Select the format of the saved clip and the appropriate quality.

6. Click the More button and select the Cut item .

7. Find the beginning of the desired fragment and click Start . You can find the right crop position right in the viewport.

8. Find the end position and click the Finish button . The indicated interval of the trimmed fragment will be displayed below.

9. Click Finish , and then Download .

10. We are waiting for the download to finish and find the cropped clip in the Files application .

Alternative boot method

There is another online service for downloading parts of the video. At, you can trim a video in a similar way.

This resource is less convenient, there is no preview of the video. Indicate the beginning and end of the segment will have strictly in time.

Otherwise, the service offers similar capabilities.

The easiest way to record part of a video

You can completely do without third-party services and do everything with iOS.

1. In the Settings menu – Control Point – Configure Controls, add the Screen Record switch .

2. Turn on the desired video on YouTube and start recording through the control point.

3. At the right time, stop recording and trim the video in the built-in editor.

For this method, you will have to view all the necessary excerpt from the video.

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