How to download videos from YouTube, Instagram and Facebook on iPhone with iOS 13

We already talked about how to download part of your favorite video from YouTube. It’s time to update the instructions for downloading videos, because the old way for iOS 12 is no longer working.

As always, omnipotent fast teams for iOS will help us.

1. Install the Shortcuts application if it is not already on your iPhone.

2. Download a special command to download the video.

Thanks to the guys at iOSshortcut for regularly updating and upgrading the script.

3. Scroll to the very end of the list and confirm the addition of the team.

4. The first time you install third-party commands, you will need to allow the installation of untrusted commands. This is done in the Settings – Quick Commands – Unreliable Commands menu .

You can not worry about this script, but in the future, carefully study the downloaded commands for the application.

5. At boot time, confirm the use of the native language for the script.

How to download video

After the command is installed, you need to download the video as follows:

1. In the YouTube application or browser while watching the desired clip, open the Share menu .

2. Click the More button .

3. Select the item (in the command settings you can change its name and icon).

4. Choose download video or audio.

5. Set the desired quality.

This command can load videos up to 8K resolution (in the case of 4K-8K video, a suitable video player, for example, VLC , is required to save ).

6. After that, you can enable the display of notifications and use banners to monitor the progress of the download. Do not forget to provide access to the Photo program so that the video is saved in the device’s gallery.

7. Do not block the smartphone until the download is complete; in this case, the process may be interrupted.

After a couple of minutes (depending on the size of the video), get the downloaded video directly in the Photo application or third-party player when choosing a high resolution.

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