How to enter recovery mode on Mac with M1. Stay up to date

Generally, the Mac runs smoothly or freezes. However, you may need to reinstall macOS Big Sur, for example, if you want to roll a clean system from scratch .

Newer M1 Macs have the same set of emergency start and system recovery tools. But you need to activate the recovery mode in a new way, not like in macs with an Intel processor.

How to enter recovery mode on a Mac with an Intel processor

Turn on your Mac and immediately press and hold Command (⌘) -R until you see the Apple logo or other image.

Then there are several options for the development of events: you can format the hard disk, reinstall the OS, and so on.

How to enter recovery mode on a Mac with an Apple M1 processor

But with new Macs, things are a little different, but much easier. You don’t need to hold down two buttons on the keyboard , but here’s what you need:

Press the power button to turn on your Mac and keep holding it down until the Startup Options window appears with a gear icon and it says Options. Select “Options” and then click “Continue”.

Over time, no one will remember the combination Command () -R. So, if you already have a new MacBook with an M1 processor – now you know how to start recovery mode on it.

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