How to hide the Mail app on iPhone

When I give the iPhone into the wrong hands, you need to hide the mail correspondence or the entire Mail application. How to do it?

If you give the phone to another person, you can hide important applications in the farthest folder. However, while the program remains in the multitasking menu, it can be found through Spotlight search.

There is another way to really hide some applications on your smartphone.

  1. Follow the path Settings – Screen timeand enable this chip.
  2. Select This is my iPhone.
  3. Open the Content and Privacysection and activate the main switch.
  4. In the Allowed applicationssection , deactivate the Mail switch.

After that, the application will be hidden. You can’t find it either on the desktop, or through Spotlight search, or through the multitasking menu.

Now, to quickly hide and display the application, you can enable or disable the switch Settings – Screen time – Content and privacy .

So that no one else can change this setting, you can set a four-digit password to change the screen time settings.

In this way, you can hide only some system applications on the iPhone. Third-party programs cannot be hidden in this way.



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