How to make a group video call to any device without registration and SMS

Over the past months, we are accustomed to increasingly communicate via video. Conferences often replace meeting with far-off relatives, meeting with colleagues in the office, or meeting with the customer.

Each of the interlocutors has their favorite messenger or service for communication. In order not to force everyone to register in one particular application, you can use the free Jitsi Meet service, which does not require registration and works from any device directly from the browser.

The service is absolutely safe and runs on open source code, which is not the case with the rather controversial Zoom .

Contact Jitsi Meet

  1. Download the free Jitsi Meet app from the App Store.

You can even open the service website and use the browser version.

  1. Create a new chat room by clicking on the input field in the application or browser.
  2. Now it remains only to invite other participants to the room. The application will offer to send the link in any convenient way.

The invitee will be able to download applications or join in a browser on almost any device.

Jitsi Meet’s set of features is quite “adult,” not all video messengers can do that.

You can set a password to connect to the room, activate a screen demonstration (when working on a computer), change the broadcast quality, mute the microphone to all other interlocutors, or ask for the right to vote using a special beacon.

And right from the messenger window you can start broadcasting the conference on YouTube or record a conversation.

For most common actions, hot keys are provided, and for private correspondence there are built-in private chats with each of the interlocutors.

At the same time, the Jitsi Meet project is open source, you can use it in your development and applications just to delve into the files and make sure that everything is safe and secure.


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