How to measure noise with a headset and iPhone with iOS 14

One of the features of iOS 14 is the built-in ambient noise level meter. Using a connected headset, a smartphone or tablet will prompt when the user is in a too loud environment.

This feature works with most compatible headsets, but Apple claims that the most accurate measurements are possible only when using branded AirPods and Beats headphones.

Cupertinians have already added this feature to watchOS 6 , allowing you to measure noise levels using the Apple Watch .

How to Measure Noise Level in iOS 14

1. Go to the Settings – Control Center menu .

2. Find a radio button in the list called Hearing .

3. Add it to the list of displayed control item switches.

Now, when a headset is connected, the button in the control center will turn into a live noise level indicator.

Clicking on it will open a special interface with a meter, which is very similar to that of the Apple Watch.

When the noise level rises above 80 decibels, the measurement icon and will turn yellow instead of green.

Recall that according to the accepted standards, the noise level below 80 dB does not harm human hearing. A weekly noise limit of 80 dB is about 40 hours. And it is not recommended to be around such noise for more than 5 hours a day.
At a noise level of 85 dB, it is not recommended to stay for more than 1.5 hours without special protection and avoid exposure to such noise for more than 12 hours a week.

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