How to overlay any video on a static photo from iPhone

Photo and video editors on the iPhone acquire useful features from full-fledged computer applications. This allows in most cases to do without a Mac or Windows-computer for basic operations with media content.

Now we’ll tell you how to put one video on top of another video or on a static picture in a few minutes. As a result, get a cool video that is not ashamed to post on social networks and show to your friends.

What do we need

▸ Apple’s free iMovie app .

In one of the updates, Cupertinians added a useful feature to their video editor for iPhone and iPad.

▸ Video shot using a green or blue chromakey (such blanks can be downloaded from YouTube ).

If there is no suitable video, you can use the photo and remove the background on it using the Background Eraser , Background Eraser applications or the online service .

▸ A few minutes of free time.

How to overlay one video on another

1. Launch iMovie and create a new project.

2. First, we import the video, which will be placed in the background, so that it immediately falls into the timeline. You can simply insert a static photo for the background.

3. Press + to add a video that will be in the foreground. To do this, you need a video on a blue or green background or a photo with a remote “back”.

4. Before adding a video, click on three points and select the Green / Blue screen mode .

5. After overlaying with the help of tools in the upper right corner, you can edit the threshold for the effect or cut off unnecessary parts of the overlay on top of the roller.

This is how you can make a video directly on the iPhone without paid applications and services, with a replacement background or overlay elements on top of an existing movie.

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