How to properly use multitasking in iPadOS

Multitasking gestures on the iPad appeared in iOS 9 . Since then, the launch mode of several applications has not changed much and was of little use.

This chip was seriously upgraded in iPadOS (iOS 13 for iPad). To the existing modes of operation, several convenient gestures, chips, drag-and-drop modes of windows and content were added.

Now we will analyze in detail all the features of the Picture in Picture, Slide Over and Split View modes.

Which tablets support iPadOS

▪️ iPad mini 4
▪️ iPad mini 5
▪️ iPad Air 2
▪️ iPad Air (3rd generation 2019)
▪️ iPad 2017 (5th generation)
▪️ iPad 2018 (6th generation)
▪️ iPad 2019 – 10,2 ″ (7th generation)
▪️ iPad Pro 9.7 ″
▪️ iPad Pro 10.5 ″
▪️ iPad Pro 11 ″
▪️ iPad Pro 12.9 ″

Picture-in-Picture Multitasking Mode

This mode is designed to run one application (secondary) on top of another (main). The main application at the same time works in the usual full-screen mode with a typical aspect ratio for the iPad, and the second in the form of a small preview window.

How to enable: activate the switch Settings – Home Screen – Multitasking – Picture in Picture .

What applications does it work in:

Most often, a window with a playable video can act as a secondary application. Sometimes the Picture-in-Picture mode is supported by third-party players or instant messengers with the possibility of a video call.

The ability to place the application window on top of another program is, for example, in the native FaceTime client and the popular nPlayer video player .

Cupertinians provide a set of APIs for embedding chips in an application, but not all developers are in a hurry to add such an option to their programs.

How to use picture in picture:

1. Run any application that supports the Picture in Picture mode (there is no complete list of programs, read the description of your favorite applications in the App Store).

2. While watching the video, click on the video clip icon. Depending on the player used, it may be located next to the playback control buttons, or be available only in full screen mode.

3. After unpinning the video window, you can close the application and open another program.

4. The window with the roller can be mixed at the corners of the screen, resized (moving and spreading two fingers) and hidden behind the side faces of the display.

Similarly, you can watch videos on most sites that use HTML-compatible players using the Safari browser.

Useful picture-in-picture mode features:

▸ Using a special button, you can return from the detached window to its application at any time or terminate in this mode.

▸ To watch a video from YouTube in the picture-in-picture mode, you need to open the video in the Safari browser and go to the viewing window from it.

In addition, you can use the paid CornerTube application , with its help you can switch to picture-in-picture mode from the official client of the service through the Share menu.

Slide Over multitasking mode

This mode is also intended for placing one application (secondary) on top of another (main). The main program, as in the previous case, will also work in full screen mode, and the secondary program will start at the side of the screen in the mode similar to on the iPhone.

How to enable it: activate the chip in the Settings menu – Screen home – Multitasking – Allow multiple applications .

What applications does it work in:

In this mode, only applications that have an iPhone version or a special narrow interface mode can be launched. Full-screen programs that are designed only for iPad or games cannot be launched in Slide Over.

All standard and most third-party applications from the App Store have Slide Over support. The exception is mainly games and programs without portrait orientation of the interface.

How to use Slide Over:

1. We launch any application that will be the main one.

2. Swipe from the bottom of the screen to call the dock panel.

3. Select the application that we want to run in Slide Over mode and pull the ego from the dock onto the screen.

4. We release the icon and the program opens in a window on top of the main one at the right or left border of the screen.

It will not work to resize the window with the program, you can only move it between the sides of the display or hide it behind the side border. Moving is carried out for the top panel.

Useful Slide Over Features:

▸ After opening the application in Slide Over mode, it can be hidden behind the side border of the screen. To then return the window with the program, you can swipe from the edge of the screen to the center.

▸ To quickly switch between programs, Slide Over uses gestures similar to multitasking gestures on iPhone with Face ID. The side swipe at the bottom switches the programs, and the swipe from the lower border of the window up activates the application switch.

With this switch, only applications previously added to Slide Over will be displayed. You can add a new program in a familiar way, and remove it from this menu with swipe up in the switching mode.

Split View multitasking mode

This is the most interesting and useful multitasking mode. It allows you to run a couple of applications and work with them on one screen without overlapping one program with another.

In this mode, almost all iPad applications can be launched, and some programs can even open two copies for simultaneous work in different sections.

How to turn it on: it turns on along the path Settings – Screen home – Multitasking – Allow several applications , this feature works in conjunction with the previous one, you won’t be able to turn them on separately.

How to use Split View:

1. Run any application.

2. Open the dock panel with a swipe from the bottom of the screen.

3. Pull the desired application and transfer it to the right or left border.

4. Programs will occupy half the screen and will work simultaneously.

For the dividing strip, you can change the size of the programs. In landscape orientation, three display modes are available: 50/50, 30/70 and 70/30, and in portrait orientation it will be possible to arrange programs of approximately 60/40 or 40/60.

To complete the Split View mode, it is enough to stretch the desired application beyond the dividing border to the full screen, the window with the second program will close.

Useful Split View Features:

▸ You can quickly switch from Split View to Slide Over mode. To do this, pull down one of the windows beyond the upper border and drop it over the second window. At the same time, one program will expand to full screen, and the second will open in the Slide Over window.

▸ It is possible to quickly swap windows. To do this, make a side swipe for the upper border of any of the windows.

With the Split View open, you can launch the third application in Slide Over or in Picture-in-Picture mode.

▸ You can run the second program for the Split View mode not only from the dock panel. With the keyboard connected, just press Command + Space to open the Spotlight search and enter the name of the desired program. After that, you can drag the application from the search results to the Split View.

▸ You can start the Split View mode directly from the home screen.

You need to hold down the icon of one application before entering the uninstall mode. Then we start pulling the icon, and with the other hand we press the screen or the Home button to cancel the delete mode. Now it remains only to launch the second program and drop the first one from above.

 To view all open windows of any application, hold your finger on its icon and select the Show all windows item .

The viewing mode will open, in which you will see both the application running on the full screen and its copies, which were launched in the Split View mode with other applications.

You can open several pairs of programs for convenient work and switch between them

In most standard applications and some third-party programs, a convenient feature works, which allows you to simultaneously open two copies of the application on the screen.

To do this, just pull some content (tab in the browser, note or letter) and drop it at the side border of the screen to open the Split View mode.

Any of the applications in the Split View mode can be quickly replaced. Simply pull the icon of the desired program from the dock over the unnecessary one.

▸ Do not forget that in the Split View mode you can transfer content between applications. You can drag pictures, selected text, links, files and other content from one program to another. The main thing is that it is supported in each of the running applications.

Now you will definitely fall in love and start using multitasking on your iPad.

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